Seriously, there are no trees!

30 08 2012

Day One in ICELAND!

First impression: there are no trees. Anywhere. The airport is outside town in the lava fields and there were a few shrubs in the city, but perhaps they had been planted. It is quite an incredible landscape, one so foreign that it could have been the moon.

Trip could not have gone more smoothly. Except for the 12 hours between flights when I walked all over Reykjavik without a sufficient map. Luckily I wandered into the Fulbright Commission office and the nicest people in the world. They gave me tea and a place to store my backpack. When they realized I was falling asleep while standing up, one of the women took me home to sleep on her couch for a few hours! With dozens of suggestions of places to see and eat, the day was very enjoyable. And Sandra even drove me to the domestic airport (where you only have to arrive 30 min in advance).

It is quite chilly and crisp. Everyone wears wool sweaters. I must get one soon.

Shelagh Chic!

No pictures uploaded yet. Maybe tomorrow. Fatigue is setting in!


The Future is Fulbright!

15 08 2012

Hello Friends & Family,
In two weeks I leave  for Isafjordur, Iceland and I wanted to start a blog to keep everyone up-to-date! These next two weeks I will be closing up the Oliver Watson House, taking everything with long-sleeves, and packing up the summer wear for storage. Rhode Island has been my home for the past 5 years and I am really going to miss all the friends I have made. Now that my picture has been imortalized at the Mews Tavern, I am sure Rhode Island will not forget about me! And on to Iceland, where I will be moving into a house with 6 other students from all over the world. At 3000 people, Isafjordur (literally meaning Ice Fjord), is the westernmost “city” in Europe. I am going to study Coastal and Marine Management at the University Centre of the Westfjords. In what ever free time I have, I hope to bike, rock climb, swim, camp, and adventure. So please follow along by checking in to see what I am up to!

All the Best,

My current residence on the URI main campus where I am the caretaker of the Oliver Watson House.

A picture of my house from the current tenants in March of this year… snow up to the armpits!

Here is the link to my house: