Meet Tangagata 14!

2 09 2012

My residence is Tangagata 14, locally known as Red House (like us on facebook!). The place is one of the most picturesque in town and we often find ourselves caught in the camera lens of a tourist! There are 8 of us living here. Quite an interesting group, but when living in a remote a place  it is expected. Normal people just don’t take on this type of adventure.

Today was house initiation. It was a dunk your head under swim in the fjord! Although it was sunny today, the water is about 10C (50F) and the air isn’t much warmer. Our shrieking and laughing gathered quite a crowd in this small town. We attracted so much attention that Gunna at the University Centre got a call from a friend stating that her students had gone crazy, climbed the rocks, and were swimming in the icy water. And ran around like Bay Watch. It was great fun and quite exhilarating!

Looking good right before our Arctic dip! From L to R. Dinyar, Charla, Peter, Johanna, Me, Johanna. Jennifer is not pictured.

Dinyar is from Toronto and has been doing geology consulting work the last few years. He worked in New Mexico and most recently with an indigenous group afflicted by emphysema due to local dam construction.

Charla is a Canadian from BC. She just finished an internship on Vancouver Island studying mostly the intertidal, and before that one on San Juan Island (in WA, USA) studying orcas.

Peter is from Green Bay, WI! He has a Masters in Biological Anthropology and has spent the last 5 years teaching at a community college in Illinois. During the summers he taught oceanography to high school students at the Acadia Institute of Oceanography.

Johanna is from Paris, but her father is from South Africa so her accent is one of the most unique I have ever heard. Before she came here, she studied Environmental Law. Her straightforward attitude gets stuff done and is absolutely entertaining!

Johanna (Yo-hanna) is from Germany and studied environmental sciences with a concentration in groundwater management. Having lived in Iceland previously for a year, she is really good at the language and finding wild blueberries. Shockingly she is the only coffee drinker in the whole house!

Jennifer is from Chicago, but has been living all around the states and China. Her specialty is politics and international relations. She is an expert in Chinese affairs, language, and culture.

Pierre is our local Icelander, a relative of the owner. He isn’t around much since he works in a local restaurant. He is cool nonetheless.

My room! The infamous blue room… the only painted room in the entire house. I hope the sky blue will help keep me cheery during the long winter!




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2 09 2012

For everyone asking about postal address:

Tangagata 14
400 Isafiordur, Vestur-Isafjardarsysla

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