I Can’t Look At You!

31 10 2012

Winner of the costume contest, because (lets face it) this even freaked out the guys!


Dead What?

30 10 2012

Dead Lady’s Fingers


Dead Man’s Fingers (Codium fragile)


29 10 2012


Almost as funny as the missing woman who “found herself”.

Lost and Frozen Hikers….. 5 newspapers, 3 news channels, national radio. At least they can laugh at themselves!


28 10 2012

Red House family photo… um yeah we are dysfunctional. Steve Jobs always feels out of place, while Lil Wayne don’t give a shit. It is difficult living with a robber and sheriff under one roof. The coal miner loves the basement cave, but hates sharing it with a dead person. And the Queen rules over us all!

Friday Night Flick

27 10 2012

Ísafjarðarbíó is the oldest cinema in Iceland, opening in 1935. There is still only one screen, but it has been updated to 3D. Popcorn and a drink are still under $5! Last night was the international premier of James Bond Skyfall, and haha… it opens in North America on Nov 9.


Close Enough to the Arctic Ocean

26 10 2012


Riddle: If the air temperature is half the water temperature, then what is the water temperature?
(Hint: you must know Celsius)
Thanks to JoJo for taking the pictures 🙂


25 10 2012

phe·nom·e·nal /fəˈnämənəl/ – has to be my least favorite and overused word. This is no overstatement: the sunset over Patreksfjörður is phenomenal!