Beginners Luck

9 10 2012

It seriously took her one cast to hook this fish! It’s a nice looking Pollock (Pollachius virens) = Ufsi in Icelandic.

Coming home one afternoon, I came across these little fisher girls. They were casting off one of the docks in the harbour using only metal lures. When I walked up one of the girls had already caught a fish so I asked how long it took to hook it. She replied “About FIVE SECONDS.” Maybe she did not understand the question, perhaps that I was asking how long it took to reel in. And she was not afraid of anything; grabbed the fish and wrestled out the hook in no time. Then they were all back with rods in hand, casting away. In no time all the girls were screaming “fiskur, fiskur”! What!?! I did not think this was possible. The harbour must be teeming with fish. Hildur let me use her fishing pole to cast the line out a few times, but I did not catch anything. Not wanting to keep the girls from their fun, I gave the pole back and helped them pull the fish up onto the dock. By the time I left, they had caught about a dozen fish between them.

There are so many fish, Hildur just cast and reeled in, hooking this cod in the gut! I have never seen anything like it. She was very efficient at getting hooks out too. Cod (Gadus morhua) = Þorskur in Icelandic.

Now I am completely convinced that Iceland’s waters are actually swarming with fish. The stories are true, no fishing tales here! Overfishing? No, not in Iceland.




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