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7 11 2012

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This past weekend, the town of Ísafjörður celebrated the Veturnætur Hátíðin (Winter Nights Festival). There were many events going on throughout the community. On Saturdsay, music at home. The Ísafjörður Music School in cooperation with various homes in Ísafjörður invited people to their homes in Ísafjörður where students will perform. We went to three different performances at different houses and got coffee and pastries while enjoying the music. On Sunday, we went to the choir concert. All 7 choirs in the Westfjords had a big concert at Ísafjarðarkirkja (Church of Ísafjörður). There were children, high school, all men (26 in total), all women, and gospel choirs. They ended the night with an Icelandic version of ABBA’s Thank You for the Music! Following the concert, was a dance performance entitled “Forgotten” and the floating candle ceremony. And thanks to Halldór, my picture ended up in the local newspaper!

Candle floating on the sea at Neðstikaupstaður was the final Winter Nights event.




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