Know Where Your Food Comes From?

9 11 2012

I do! From the fishing boat, to the fish shop, to my plate. I have followed my Cod the entire way…

Long-liners coming into port in Bolungarvik. This is how Cod is caught in the region.

As soon as the boats hit the dock, the fish are put on ice and put on trucks – to be sent into town or put onto planes to be delivered next-day to Europe fishmarkets.

Luckily, ours ended up being delivered fresh to Fiskbúð Sjávarfangs. Where this unlucky cod found itself under Kári’s knife. While this is a good sized cod, it is definitely not the biggest. But this cod still resulted in enough fillets to feed a good 8-10 people.

Thanks to our fantastic in-house French Chef, our cod fillets ended up in the frying pan with some butter and garlic.


Add some parsley and 4-star service. And this was the best cod I have ever had!

Another great thing about the industry here is that nothing goes to waste. The fish skin is sold to be turned into shoes, wallets, and even band-aid adhesive. This is revolutionary for those (and there are many) who are allergic to the traditional adhesive. Even the scraps and guts made into fox food for the local Arctic Fox Center.




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