Cruise Ísafjörður

14 11 2012

Some summer travel considerations!

Next summer, the luxury liner the Queen Elizabeth II (QE2) is returning to Ísafjörður!              Photo by: Gunnsteinn Jonsson

For the number of ships (38), number of passengers (43000), and dates of arrival click below:

This past week we did a community survey and interview of the Harbormaster, as to the perception of the cruise ship industry in Ísafjörður. As the third busiest cruise ship port in Iceland, Ísafjörður welcomes thousands of passengers every year.  The town is easily accessible from the pier, and tourists  wander its streets and back alleys en masse looking to experience its many delights.

We found that both the number of ships and passengers was unknown by the townspeople (less by more than half!). The largest ship will carry 3600 passengers and the residents indicate this is above their indicated comfort level.

There is an increasing interest in the environmental impact of cruise ship tourism,  but relatively little consideration is given to a community impact or utilization as a resource that requires sustainable management practices. The Harbormaster expressed a concern that there are limits to the town´s capacity to provide a positive experience for passengers, but those limits are unknown.





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