Head Over Heels

13 12 2012

This week I went skiing… for the first time in about 10 years. And it was fantastic. Luckily, I did not kill myself. You can see the whole town from the ride up and because the sun sets at 4pm, the slopes are almost always illuminated. The slopes are huge compared to Little Switzerland and Sunburst at home in Wisconsin, not to mention Rhode Island where the highest point in the state is the landfill. You go up and up, it takes forever. One time I fell off the lift and Johanna and I had to walk across the mountain to the skiing area… oops!

5km out of town and a few hundred meters up a mountain!

5km out of town and a few hundred meters up a mountain!

Another time we went up to find the easy hill was closed and took a red run. And I went on okay for a while, then a big drop and head over heels for about 100m. Seriously, my ski was about 100m up the mountain. The man on the snowmobile had to get it for me!


My skiing buddy, Johanna, pointing at the route we will never go down. She is such a good teacher that in just 2 hours she got Claudia from Guatemala upright and going down the hill by herself the very first time she went skiing. And Johanna taught me the hockey stop so now I can go down the steep hills!

This is the best place for me to re-learn to ski because there are no trees, and my steering is terrible. Maybe that is what you get when you pay $25 for used boots and skis. It was more likely because we received a bit of rain this week and the runs towards the bottom were crunchy and slick with ice.  I will keep going often since I have to get ready for the Swiss Alps!




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