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25 01 2013

On the darkest day of the year, December 22, the sun rose at 12:10 pm and set at 2:53 pm in Ísafjörður! And the whole town has been without direct sunlight for 2 months. But today is Sólardagur, the day the sun returns!!!

Oh, glorious day!

Oh, glorious day! The first sunrise in 2 months. But the sun only lingered on the horizon for a few seconds!

For more than 100 years, the locals have celebrated the day when the sun’s rays reach out again, down to  Sólgötu (Sun Road). This is of course, weather permitting. As the sun moves through town, people move house to house having sólarkaffi and rjómapönnukökur (cream pancakes) to celebrate.

Tradidional cream pancakes and enough for an army (3kg flour, 1L cream, 1 jar jam)!

Traditional cream pancakes and enough for an army (200) with 3kg flour, 1L cream, and 1 jar jam! Takk fyrir Gunna Sigga.




One response

26 01 2013

Stunning photo of the rising sun and those cream pancakes look super delicious, even crêpe-like…

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