Páll Pálsson Turns 40!

21 02 2013

No, this is not a friend of mine from town. But one of the trawlers in the harbor. The Páll Pálsson ÍS 102, was the very first trawler I saw in Ísafjörður.

Today, forty years ago, the stern trawler Páll Pálsson came to the dock Hnífsdalur for the first time, after almost two months of sailing from Japan. The ship was built for Miðfell hf. in Japan and completed construction in 1973, but Páll Pálsson is now owned Hraðfrystihússins Gunnvarar (HG). With the advent of the stern trawler fleet in the Westfjords, Páll Pálsson set the precedent for the fishing industry in the Northwest.

When stern trawlers made their way into the fisheries sector in the early seventies, it was a major breakthrough in the industry. The ships were able to process fish on board and box them, improving the quality of the catch . Bringing Páll Pálsson to Hnífsdalur was a milestone in the Northwest.

The crew is only fifteen, but the Páll Pálsson and its crew have brought about 165 thousand tons to shore in the 40 years, of which about 100 thousand tons of cod. In today’s prices the catch is valued at about 40 billion.

Páll Pálsson has its place in the hearts of local people in Hnífsdalur and Ísafjördur.

Páll Pálsson has its place in the hearts of local people in Hnífsdalur and Ísafjördur.

Páll Pálsson has been well maintained, but in 1988 the stern trawler underwent great improvements. The ship was lengthened by 10 meters, got a different bow, a new bridge and main engine. And Páll still has life left!

Páll Pálsson likely directly impacts every third or fourth family in Ísafjörður and Hnífsdalur. There are so many people who have worked on this ship. It is quite clear that Páll Pálsson has had a major impact in the region.




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