Quoth the hrafn, “Nevermore”

8 04 2013

The raven, hrafn or krummi as it’s nicknamed in Iceland. This sleek black bird is a passerine, but not a scavenger as many believe. It often has trouble finding food during Iceland’s dark and cold winters – it doesn’t travel south in winter like many other Icelandic birds – which is why it comes close to human habitation and is often seen circling scrap heaps. It creates robust nests out of whatever building material it can find and it only mates once in its lifetime. The raven can imitate human sounds and according to legend, is a very wise bird. Hrafn make the most creepy sounds….

Ravens tend to convene and croak in groups, known as hrafnaþing (“raven convention”) in Icelandic. Such conventions are rarely photographed, but my friend Maggi witnessed one. He said one hrafn seemed to take a pedestal while the others gathered around to listen. According to folk belief, such conventions are held twice a year, in spring and in autumn, where ravens lay the ground rules for their society and settle disputes.




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