Kolaportið Flea Market

19 05 2013

Kolaportið is Reykjavík’s indoor flea market. Located inside an old warehouse down by the harbor, it turns into a crazy sales pit stuffed with various goods every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00–17:00. Attracting a large number of both locals and tourists who come for the mix of lively atmosphere and the hope of finding some rare items for sale, strolling around where diverse stalls fill almost every inch inside the huge space.

At Kolaportið, you can find anything... even children for sale!

At Kolaportið, you can find anything… even children for sale!

As at other flea markets, there is a lot of junk to be found in Kolaportið, but clever hunters who take their time looking for that special something might stumble upon some really great bargains. Stalls filled with old vinyls and CD’s, movies, second-hand clothes, shoes, jewellery and antique furniture and even new designs by young Icelandic designers can be found. And there are eatable things too: the best potatoes and ‘harðfiskur’ (dried fish) you’ll find in the city in fact, as well as stacks of traditional Icelandic candy and fermented shark.




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