Urban BBQ

13 09 2012

When my roommate Johanna arrived, she was very upset that the Red House did not have a Barbeque (a charcoal grill). Luckily, she was quick to remedy the situation. Her Tunisian boyfriend showed her a quick and cheap way to make a BBQ. So off to the municipal dump we went – in search of a truck wheel rim. This was quick work and we hauled it home. Add a few rocks and a grate from the oven and it was complete!

Johanna and her Rim-a-que!

Last night we fired it up because of the clear night skies in hopes of a true Icelandic Northern Lights BBQ. And in fact mother nature came through for us! I need not bore anyone with the details of setting up a grill, because it is exactly the same as any other! Before the show began, we feasted on roast corn, hot dogs, grilled feta, and lamb. Followed by Marshmallows with Nutella! It might not be the most fancy of Barbeques, but all that matters is that it provided good food, good company, and good fun.

A feast fit for queens!




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